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vindrem, Jun 21, 11 9:24 PM.
Rift Raiders have merged into Rift Your Face Off! contact anyone from the guild to get the information for the merge

Posted a Link to the Dungeon Loot Chart

vindrem, Jun 16, 11 12:55 AM.
Ok I posted a good link for the dungeon loot by rift junkies onto the library 

New guides in the Library!

vindrem, Jun 7, 11 9:52 PM.
I posted guides on how to download and install both Vent and Rift Junkies Combat Parser in the Library under guides. Please Download and install both if your planing on raiding. (The parser isn't mandatory but it is a good tool to help you judge how well your doing)


vindrem, Jun 1, 11 7:00 PM.
Ok so heres the deal, starting today guild events will award a certin amount of DKP, if you dont know DKP is like a currency point system used to get gear in a dungeon instead of rolling. It will only be used in 20 man raids, its not needed for 10 man, that will go by who rolls higher and how many drops you got prior in that same instance run. It sounds stupid and unfair but if there is a good reason for not attending (like work or family or important stuff "Im going drinking with the guys" is not important btw ) then you may still get points. Ill post in the forums how it works. 

Trust me DKP is the only good way to get gear when there are only 4 classes and 20 people in the raid.

Its time!

vindrem, Jun 1, 11 12:05 AM.
If your level 50, and you are raid ready, then its time for our 10 man raid group to form! this friday (June 3rd) we are having a meeting at 6:pm server to pick teams, we may have enough for 2 groups so make sure you show up! its important! of course raiding is in no way mandatory and if you don't want to raid thats fine too! (its just boring!)
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